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Rise of the Fallen Pt. 2

"Just hold still." said Twilight.

I was so excited that holding still was difficult, I was afraid that Twilight would have to tie me down.

"Don't worry, I've done this spell before a few times." said Twilight.

Twilight pointed her horn at me.  Her horn glowed as did I.  After a moment Twilight looked at me.

"I can't explain it . But there seems to be some sort of magic sealing your memories away." said Twilight.

What?  Does this mean that my memory loss isn't an accident?  Twilight tried a few more times, double checked her methods, and did the spell a few more times.  It was futile, my memory wasn't coming back.

"I don't get it, this should be easy for me." said Twilight.

I was disappointed, I was hoping to get my memory back.

"Spike!" called Twilight.

A baby dragon came downstairs, he was purple with green spines.  I figured he was Spike.

"Yes?" said Spike.

"Send a letter to the princess, I want to know how I can help Toxic Love here." said Twilight.

The princess?  I inquired about her.

"How can you not know the princess." said Spike.

I told Spike about my memory loss.

"Oh." said Spike.

Twilight recited how the letter should be written, talking about my memory loss and this magical seal, and Spike burned it with his fire.  I asked why he burned it.

"Oh, Spike breaths a magical fire, the letter wasn't burned, it was sent to the princess." said Twilight.

Oh, that's pretty cool, I wonder if the princess will have the answers.

"What are you going to do now." asked Twilight.

I thought for a moment, I have no leads so I may as well enjoy Ponyville, maybe my memory will come back on it's own.  I doubted that however, this magical seal of sorts was simply too convenient to be an accident.  I told Twilight about my plans to enjoy Ponyville.

"Have fun, I'm sorry I couldn't fix your memory." said Twilight.

I told her not to worry about it.

"Well, I better get going, I need to catch a con man artist in Las Pegasus.  See you guys in three days." said Daniel.

Later in town, I was having fun at the Ponyville bowling ally.  I bowled a 125, not bad.

Later still, visited Fluttershy.  I explained what happened.

"Oh, I'm sorry you couldn't get your memory back." said Fluttershy.

I asked if she needed help.

"No thanks, I have things handled here." said Fluttershy.

I left her to take care of her animals.  Later in town, I was strolling along, hoping to find something else that's fun when I was slammed into the ground by a pegasus pony.  Her body was blue, her mane was a darker blue with a streak that matched her body, her cutie mark was a white shooting star.

"Sorry about that." said the pegasus.

I told her to be more careful.

"I'll try.  You see, I'm going on a trip through the Everfree forest with Tyler so I'm trying to get in the best shape as possible.  We're  trying to visit Manehatten but the roads closed and the Friendship Express is under maintenance." said the pegasus.

I inquired about the Everfree Forest, Manehatten, and the Friendship Express.

"What, how could you not know.  The Everfree Forest is a very dangerous forest filled with many dangerous creatures such as Timber wolves, Manticores, Ursas, and more.  Manehatten is an upscale city.  The Friendship Express is a train that runs everywhere in Equestria." said the pegasus.

I assumed that Equestria is the world we're in.  I told her about my memory loss.

"Oh.  Why don't you ask Pinkie Pie?  She knows everypony in Ponyville." said the pegasus.

I told the pegasus that I already tried her and Twilight.

"Hey, I have an idea, why not come with us.  You may find the answers in Manehatten." suggested the pegasus.

I thought for a moment.  It was my only lead so I accepted.

"Alright.  I almost forgot, my name's Star Streak.  I'm sure Tyler will be thrilled to have you come, he's a young writer here in Ponyville." said Star Streak.

I introduced myself.  I asked what exactly we could encounter in the Everfree Forest.

"Like I said, The Everfree Forest has many dangerous creatures, there are also poisonous plants.  Listen Toxic Love, that place is not natural, the plants grow, the weather changes, and the animals fend for themselves all without any help from ponies." said Star Streak.

That seemed normal to me, I didn't mention this since Star Streak viewed this kind of thing as weird.  I asked when we are going.

"Early tomorrow morning." said Star Streak.

Alright, that's cool.

"Where are you staying?" asked Star Streak.

I never thought of that, I asked where I could stay.

"Do you remember how to fly?" asked Star Streak.

I wasn't sure what that had to do with this, I tried and got a little bit off the ground before falling.

"I was going to offer to have you stay at my place in Cloudsdale, it's a city made of clouds." said Star Streak.

I asked where else I could stay.

"There's a hotel, I can pay for a room for you." said Star Streak.

I declined, I didn't want Star Streak to waste her money on me.

"Don't worry about it.  The hotel is cheap." said Star Streak.

I still refused.

"Look Toxic Love, I want to help you.  Someday you'll be helping another pony and that pony will help another pony." said Star Streak.

I thought about that.  It made sense, I accepted Star Streaks offer.

"Excellent, I'll show you the way." said Star Streak.

Star Streak led me to the hotel and we went in.  Star Streak ordered a room.

"Here's the key and don't worry, we don't judge here." said the receptionist.

"It's just for her, I have my own place.  We're not like that." said Star Streak.

They laughed, it didn't make sense but I laughed with them just to play along.

"Well, good night Toxic Love." said Star Streak.

I wished Star Streak a good night.

I woke up in the middle of a forest.  Wha?  How did I wind up here?  In the distance there was a white pony with a brown mane and orange eyes.  Her cutie mark was a yellow cross (like a red cross not a Christian cross).  I called out to her, she looked at me but did not say anything.  Suddenly everything went white.

I woke up in the hotel, was that just a dream?  There was a knock on the door.  I told the pony I was coming.

When I opened the door there was a green unicorn on the other side of the door, her mane was green with a yellow streak, she had white freckles above her nose and her cutie mark was an emerald.  She was wearing a gold necklace with a sapphire pendant.  For some reason she looked familiar.

"Are you he human that was turned into a pony?" asked the unicorn.

I told her I was.  At that moment her face light up in a big smile, she could hardly hold back tears.

"Toxic Love, my friend.  I'm so happy to see you again." said the unicorn.

End of Pt. 2
Part 2 of Rise of the Fallen. More adventure from Toxic Love. Who's this green unicorn I wonder. Those that watch my scraps will know already.

Daniel, Star Streak, Tyler, and Toxic Love belong to me.

MLP copyright Hasbro.

Stop, all content above can not be copied, edited in anyway including tracing, or re uploaded in part or in whole without given permission from me.
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